Psiphon 5 for PC Download for windows xp/7/8/8.1/10 [Jan 2018]

psiphon for pc

Read this post to know about How to browse anonymously online and maintaining your privacy at the same time using Psiphon 3 for PC.

Does your current ISP blocks you from accessing several websites that your friends can access easily but you can’t?? can’t you even download your favorite torrent files?

If your answer to the above questions is a “YES”, then you are simply at the right place.

In this blog post, I shall guide you on how you can breach all the boundaries that are restricting you from accessing the web.Here we are talking about a tool known as “Psiphon for PC” which helps us to surf the internet in a safe & secure way.There have been many queries regarding how to download Psiphon for pc, Psiphon 3 for pc, Psiphon for Windows, Psiphon VPN for PC download. I shall be discussing everything in detail about it which includes:

  • What is VPN?
  • Psiphon for pc: What it is?
  • How to Download Psiphon For windows
  • How does Psiphon for pc work?
  • Main Features of Psiphon


According to Wikipedia, A virtual private network or VPN for short is a way of connecting a computer to a remote network. Most people using computers connected to the World Wide Web using a normal network – they use dial-up or broadband. A VPN is a little bit different. It’s used by some workers to connect using a laptop to do work – they can check their work email and see work websites which can not be seen on the normal internet.

    About Psiphon 3 For Windows PC:

psiphon for pc

Psiphon is Basically a Network Circumvention Tool that Make to travel you data through Various Tunnels So that it can’t be traced or detected.This process makes your Internet Protocol Address Hidden From the Servers that have Blocked the content that you are trying to access.So, you can use this VPN software to bypass all the network boundaries and download anything you want.You can have more Information about Psiphon For PC from the Below Table:

NamePsiphon 3
Size4.74 MB
RequirementsWindows 7/8/8.1/10/XP
LanguagesMultiple languages
Last updatedJanuary 2018

    Availability of Psiphon 5 for PC : Mobile & Desktop

Psiphon 5 For Mobile Platforms:

Psiphon for PC is an Android app that is totally free of cost and is available both in the Google play store & ios App Store.Also, you can download latest Psiphon handler from here.

    Psiphon for windows xp/7/8.1/8/10:

Earlier, this tool was only available for the mobile devices but with the advancement and need of the users to browse the web anonymously, Psiphon exe for windows PC was developed which brought out abuzz over the internet.It is available to download across all the platforms which includes Psiphon for PC and Psiphon for Mac OS.

I shall be providing links to download the latest versions for the above-mentioned categories.But before that let’s have a look at the features of Psiphon for pc(win8.1).

    Features of Psiphon 3 For PC:

    Minimize Notification Area :

psiphon for pc

This Feature in Psiphon for windows allows you to minimize the Notification Icon From desktop To the System tray. Incase, you don’t want the notification icon to be hidden,then, you can enable this option by going to Psiphon 3 > Settings > Hide Notification Icon in the psiphon Panel.This option Proves to be very Beneficial when you are using Psiphon Secretly.

    Split Tunneling In Psiphon for windows:

Psiphon for pc

If you want to access some of the websites that are blocked in your country and you are using Psiphon For Windows.then,you can use this option to access those website even faster.What this feature does is- it whitelists those websites and prevents deep tunneling for those websites thus protecting your valuable time and reducing ISP data Usage.You van enable this feature by Psiphon for PC  Panel > Settings > Split Tunnel and turning it on.

    Disabling Timeouts For Slow Networks in Psiphon pro for PC

psiphon for pc

If you are using a very Slow Internet connection,then, while connecting to psiphon network,you might be facing some annoying “Timed out” notifications.These notifications occur because the program is trying to connect to the psiphon’s servers but due to slow internet connection,the channel gets break.You can avoid these annoying notification by turning ON this Feature under Psiphon for pc > Settings > Disable Timeouts For Slow Networks.

    Custom Server Region Selection in Psiphon Download for windows

psiphon for pc

The Most exciting Feature that Psiphon for windows pc provides is the custom server region selection in which you can manually select the server for which you want to change your IP. Normally, Psiphon automatically selects the best server according to your location.You can activate this feature in psiphon by going to Psiphon > Settings > Psiphon server Region.

    Custom Proxy Ports Integration in Psiphon 5 for PC

psiphon for pc

Psiphon allows you to use custom proxy ports for the connection in case you want to access some specified ports.You can define these ports by going to Psiphon for pc > Settings > Local Proxy Port.

    Upstream Proxy Settings In Psiphon Pro For PC

psiphon for pc

These type of Proxies are mainly used by universities, colleges, hospitals and other similar organizations. If Your Network Provider gives you an upstream proxy service  then psiphon allows you to use the same by going to Psiphon for PC >Settings > Upstream Proxy.

    Optional Transport Modes in Psiphon windows

psiphon for pc

If you want to use the same IP to be used for all the apps on your PC.Then, Psiphon allows you to do the same by enabling Deep Tunneling for all the apps on the PC.You can turn ON this Feature By going to Psiphon for PC > settings > Transport Mode.

    Variable Language Support:

psiphon for pc

Psiphon Also supports a wide Number of Languages.So, No matter where You are on the Globe, You can easily Use this Great Featureful VPN Service provider Easily.

    How To Install Psiphon for windows:

There are two methods of Installing Psiphon on your Devices.You can go for the one that suits your needs.

    Installing Psiphon apk On Android:

First Method:

Once you download Psiphon  handler mod for PC from the below mentioned link, just open it and start don’t have to make any special configuration just like other VPN apps to use it.It automatically selects the best working server & connects you to it.

Second Method(Using Emulator):

  • Download Bluestacks android emulator for PC.
  •  Open Bluestacks android emulator or run Bluestacks from your Desktop
  • On the Top-left corner of the screen, you will see a search bar, click on it and write Psiphon, then search.
  • In the search, you will see a link to Google Play Store to download Psiphon. Click this link and proceed to download.
  • Wait for a few moments till download completes, after this, Psiphon icon will appear on your Bluestacks downloaded menu.
  • Viola! you have successfully downloaded Psiphon for PC.

you can also take help from the video below in order o make the process easier:


Download Psiphon for PC :

Download Psiphon For Windows 10
Download Psiphon For Windows 8.1
Download Psiphon For Windows 8
Download Psiphon For Windows 7
Download Psiphon For Windows xp
Click on the Download link for the platform/OS you want to install Psiphon on and the download shall begin automatically.

    How to Install Psiphon for Windows PC or Laptop??

  • Download Psiphon pro for PC latest version from the download links given below and it will automatically redirect you to the download page where you can download Psiphon 3 for your PC Without any Hassle.
  • After the Download is over, unzip the package using any unzip software and extract it.
  • Click on the Application installation package named “psiphon 3 exe” and follow the onscreen installation instructions.

psiphon for pc


  • After the installation process is over, open the app and you are ready to go.

psiphon for pc


  • Click on Connect Button icon and select the fastest VPN connection country to enjoy the fastest speed.

psiphon for pc

  • Make sure you selected Fastest Country in Connect Via option to get better speed. You can get speed on other servers too. But it will be usually lesser than the fastest server. It is up to your requirements and needs. This is the major step you have to do in Psiphon for PC because this will provide you better speed. If you are connected to a far located server with Psiphon then you may get a lower speed. Psiphon 3 for Laptops and computers.

psiphon for windows

    Psiphon 3  For Windows: Why to use?

There are many VPN software available in the app stores on both Android and Windows But when it comes to choosing the best, we have to look at various factors that affect the performance of any VPN Service. Psiphon is known to be the best VPN service provider as it lets you use the most secure and premium proxies. Psiphon 3 latest version also employs the most dedicated and secure servers throughout the globe.So, there is no any security and speed hassle when it comes to using Psiphon for PC.

    Few words from the Author on Psiphon  For PC:

 At a times,when you are using a public internet connection or a shared connection,the biggest risk is that your privacy is at stake most of the times as all these connections don’t use a good security layer system and hence they can be breached easily in no time and your private information viz credit cards, CVVs, keep login credentials etc get leaked.The best way to tackle this problem is to use a VPN while browsing.A good VPN provides you full protection against all these threats & keeps on changing your IP address so that your original IP can’t be traced.So, it is always advisable to use a VPN connection while browsing.In such cases, Psiphon may prove to be your savior.
I hope you learned how to use Psiphon for pc through this article.

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