HTML and CSS by Jon Duckett : Best Book For Beginners

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Do you want to learn HTML and CSS without going to any training institute and spending thousands of bucks just for the sake of a professional certificate that can fetch you a job easily??? Moreover, the training institutes these days teach you nothing and just scrape your hard earned money.

best book to learn html and css for beginners

[h]HTML and CSS By Jon Duckett:[/h]

In 2015, I was also searching for some online resources to learn HTML and CSS as I had my keen interest in web development. I tried every possible resource from W3schools to all pdf material online but nothing worked. Just One Day, I was searching for the Best Books to learn HTML and CSS for beginners the easiest possible way and I came across this Book.

[h]Why I call it the best book to learn HTML:[/h]

The Name of the Book is “HTML and CSS by Jon Duckett”.This Book is a boon for all those who want to learn HTML and CSS from scratch to advance level. This Book has all the features that make it stand out from the crowd and turn it into a live mentor. Not Like other Books in the Market arena, This Book Fulfills the Quote that the title of the book governs- “Design and Build Websites”.

[h]How It Turns Out To Be the Best Book To Learn HTML and CSS for Beginners:[/h]

The Best Features that I Liked most about this book are:

  • It provides Fully Colored Edition to all the basics Of HTML and CSS.
  • This Book is designed on a New Approach that treats you as its student and performs as a live Master.
  • You are provided with a vivid picture of how the code looks and how it performs when it is run.
  • All the things are shown in a fully colored manner that creates more interest and user-friendliness while reading.
  • This Book its purpose tag by tag and by providing a clear visual reference.
  • This book introduces HTML and CSS in such a way that makes them accessible to everyone.
  • Utilizes information graphics and lifestyle photography to explain the topics in a simple way that is engaging

This Book was initially launched in 2011 with a vision to provide a unique learning platform by presenting everything in a great visual manner in the form of High-Quality photos and graphics that make the content more readable and vivid.

If you are an experienced programmer or developer, still this book will help you come across many facts that most of the people are of about HTML 5 and CSS 3.

If I were to mention any shortcoming of the book, I would say that the book lacks in-depth detail needed to understand more complex layouts. But to be fair, it is a bit beyond the purpose of this book.

Baseline, if you are truly dedicated to learning and aspire to be a great front-end developer by learning HTML and CSS from scratch to a whole new level. Then, this book is indispensable for you.


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