List of TOP Web 2.0 sites to RANK Faster in 2017

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“Starting a Blog” and “To Rank It” are just two things that come up to be the biggest hurdles when starting your career as a blogger.There are many of us who write great content but still doesn’t make it up to the top page of search engines.Even they have made Large number of backlinks but still they see no improvement in their rankings.Moreover,the biggest mistake that we make in the starting is that we put no attention to keyword research before starting writing and we end up choosing a High competition keyword that has many authority sites ranking over it.These authority sites have a great backlink background and you Can’t leave them behind using only backlinking strategies such as:

  • Directory submission
  • Forums
  • Making comment backlinks(most of them are “nofollow”) etc.

web 2.0 calc sites

Rather,you need some Quality links,as Quality always prevails over  Quantity. To build qualitative and high authority backlinks,most of the big players use Private Blog Networks or PBNs which provide them these links and they have to pay them in return for it.But the question is “Do high competition  keywords rank only with PBN links????”

Most of the newbies working our there can’t afford the prices of these PBNs and as a result they quit working after few months in frustration.But what if tell you that you can easily outrank those competitors without using PBNs!!!!

Yes! You heard it right.

Here,we are talking about the “WEB 2.0 Sites”.

That’s where web 2.0 comes into play.The biggest advantage of web 2.0 sites over the Costly PBNs is that they are totally free of cost.

[h]What Are Web 2.0 sites?[/h]

According to Techlopedia , web 2.0 is the name used to describe the second generation of the world wide web,when it move dstatic HTML pages to a more interactive and dynamic web experience.or,we can say that web 2.0 are the dynamic websites that serve user data and are mostly based upon the generated user data.They provide a sort of social website experience to the users.In a Nutshell, these type of websites provide a social sharing of the user data between users across the world.

[h]What others say?[/h]

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List of Top web 2.0 Sites

Top WEB 2.0 Sites in one list where you can use it for your free site promotion or can build new contents like blogs to communicate with others users.

[h]Features Of Web 2.0 Sites:[/h]

The main features of web 2.0 sites usually are:

  • High Domain Authority of 90
  • High PR Root Domains
  • No Penalties(you can spam it to the core!)
  • High Trust Flow and Citation Flow

I am providing here a list of the Top web 2.0 sites that you can use to build quality links.You can choose your Niche  relevant sites from the list and start building quality links.I have sorted this list by the pagerank factor so that it becomes easier to you to choose the best as per your need.

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[h]TOP 10 WEB 2.0 SITES LIST:[/h]

Psiphon has 1000 servers in over 20 countries all over the world with a high number of users.Nord VPN has 3000 servers over 60 countries all over the world.
Psiphon is comparatively cheaper than other apps.Nord VPN is somewhat costlier than Psiphon.
Psiphon is available on Android and windows, not on Mac/ IOS.Nord VPN is available for all platforms.

[h]web 2.0 sites sorted by pagerank from 5 to 9[/h]

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Moreover,these pages can easily be published on Authority sites of Your choice, and there is no fee.So,Register as many as you can,build as many links as you like,rank quickly and easily. 

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You can use these web 2.0’s for affiliate seo,client seo  for your Niche sites.

[h]HOW TO USE WEB 2.0 TO RANK:[/h]

You can these web 2.0 sites to create a page and then make links from this page to your money site so that it passes the link juice and its Authority to your money site.

After creating a web 2.0 on blogger as an example,you’ll have a link that may look like:

This is the page that you can now build links to and attempt to,now you can proceed to rank faster than your competitors and with “spammier” links.

[h]Final Words:[/h]

So,this was the list of the Topmost updated web 2.o sites in 2017 which you can use to make backlinks to your sites.I hope i have listed them all.

If you feel I have left something important,feel free to let me know via comments.I shall make it to the list with credits.

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And at last !! Please DO share 😊😊

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