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15 Best Safe ROM Download Sites for Gamers (Latest ROMS)

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Best Safe ROM Download Sites 2020: Are you a game buff, desperately seeking sites to play those old games from your childhood days? Well, there are plenty of sites available to pick the ROMs for playing those games. Whether you are dying for GBA, NES, Nintendo, or SNES emulators, what matters most is having a properly working ROM compatible with your emulator.

While there are plenty of sites available to download ROMs, many of them are bloated with spam and malware. Make sure you don’t fall prey to such sites or else your device’s security might be at stake. You need to be careful enough in picking sites that assure safety and security for your device. Confused, huh?

Well, here are the top 10 best Safe ROM sites from where you can download the ROMs without challenging your device’s security:


best rom sites
Considered to be one of the best in business, DOPE ROMS feature over 170,000 ROMS for near about 144 consoles. The site offers the facility for users to search for specific Best Safe ROMS through keywords. With such a vast collection available, this site definitely serves the purpose of those dying to enjoy the games from the bygone era. Another great thing about this site is its availability in different languages (20+).


best rom sites
Another top site to search for the ROMs, COOL ROM offers the best solutions to download and that too, free of cost! Here, you can download ROMs for different platforms like Sega, Sony, Atari, Master System, Game Gear, CPS, and a lot more. Every section features plenty of ROMs for download. You can search through genre or even alphabetically.


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ROM HUSTLER is one of the pioneers when it comes to ROM sites. It is one of the oldest existing Safe ROM sites available and highly trustworthy. The site features a screenshot of every ROM along with descriptions. It also features EMULATORS for downloading.


best rom sites
This is another trustworthy site from where you can download the ROMs. The interface is simple and interactive enough to navigate easily through the options. There is a search box available to look for your desired ROM by typing the name. It’s easy to download the Best Safe ROMs and start enjoying the games.


best rom sites
The name’s quite interesting, isn’t it so! This website is one of the finest when it comes to providing those classic game ROMs and emulators. Running for around two decades, this website has remained a popular choice for those who search for safe and secured ROM sites to download those classic games. The site features most of the classic game titles and an easy interface which makes downloading fast and simple. You will also find emulators for different platforms like LINUX, Android, Mac, and Windows.


best rom sites
This is a genuine site, free of advertisements and simple, interactive designed interface. All popular game brands like Nintendo, Atari, Sony, and SEGA ROMs are available with the site. More importantly, the site also features compatible emulators to run the games. The site offers GOOGLE DRIVE links for easy downloading purposes. This is a safe and secure site.


best rom sites
FREE ROMS is a site dedicated to seekers of PSP, Atari, N64, GB/GBA/GBC, etc. However, there are over three thousand Safe ROMs files available with this site. The site even offers a link to different software tools and Emulators compatible with the devices. There are also tutorial guides available for users who have downloaded the ROM files. Each ROM file is being rated against the performance. In fact, you can also give a rating to the files. There is also a need to register on this site to enjoy downloading. The site is safe and free of any kind of malware and spam.


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Are you looking to download Safe ROM from sites for free? Well, ROMS MANIA is the place to be. Here, you will find all your favorite ROMS available to function for different platforms. The site also offers highlights about each ROM, their ratings, and the best version available. Apart from this, the site also features the top 10 ROMs based on platforms.


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RETROSTIC is another Safe ROM site considered to be relatively safe for users. This site primarily focuses on offering direct download links to the users. With over 70,000 titles available to download and compatible versions available for over 40 consoles, this site definitely drives a lot of interest among game lovers.


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CD ROMS is another great site to download ROMs. Apart from being a highly secured site, CD ROMS also features the original artwork or the original cover of the game along with screenshots of the gameplay. Moreover, there are also other necessary details available like genre, region compatibility, and actual release date of the game.


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A recent survey conducted on top game ROM sites of 2020 finds OLD COMPUTER ROMS site being listed in there. It is a highly interactive site and allows users to play backups. This is a great facility and the users can easily manage the game backups on their mobile devices. OLD COMPUTER ROMS come with an extensive range of ROMs and they are available easy to download. The presence of a search bar allows you to search for the ROM while typing in the keyword.


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This is a highly safe and top-rate site for downloading ROMs. Here, you will get the opportunity to access thousands of ROMs without much trouble. Additionally, you can even play MAME games from within the page. The site features ROMs of different working frameworks as well as gaming gadgets. The landing page features a glimpse of the mainstream comforts for which the ROMs are available. In fact, there is also an emulator area structure available. From there, you can easily pick most of the emulators required to run the games available from the site.


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ROMS WORLD is another great site to download classic game ROMS. It features a wide range of classic game ROMS, free to download. On this site, you will also find tutorials on playing games on MAC devices. This site contains ROMs of different gaming gadgets and working frameworks. The site is safe and free of any spyware.


best rom sites
The Eye can be best described as a chronicled web page that hosts different types of substances from every part of the web while incorporating the ROMs. Well, there is another important factor to keep in mind. The site also features different ROM documents for different types of ROMs. The site is easy to access due to its simple interface.


There are hundreds of sites available for gamers to download the ROMs and emulators. However, a cautious approach will help in picking the best and most reliable ones to surf. The above options mentioned are safe to trust and access. You can easily download ROMs from these sites without worrying about any malware attack on your device. Also, most of these sites offer free download facilities. So, what are you waiting for? Pick your favorite and start downloading and enjoy great gaming sessions with your best pals during the summer holidays. Happy gaming!

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